Mettle works for world-leaders in sectors ranging from space to smart cities to climate and development. The work they do varies greatly, but they share common traits: - they are innovators, working at – or beyond – the cutting edge;   - their goal is to make life better – whether that means helping nations tackle climate change, finding ways to make aircraft lighter and more fuel efficient or creating robots to clean up nuclear waste; - they speak to wide and varied audiences – from government ministers to technical specialists to customers and the general public;  - they trust Mettle to tell their stories.

Climate and development

The NDC Partnership is a coalition of 90 countries and organisations including the United Nations and World Bank. It helps nations achieve their climate change goals and accelerate sustainable development. Mettle has been the NDC Partnership’s brand and communications provider since 2017, a little while after it launched.   During this time our team has: - created comprehensive brand, photography and editorial guides - handled all aspects of print and digital design, including creating iconography, annual reports, brochures, websites, POS and handouts; - created films and social content, shooting in countries including Honduras, Costa Rica, Fiji, Mali, Rwanda, Uganda, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Jordan and the Philippines. - written and edited print content including opinion pieces for government leaders; - organised photo-journalist expeditions in Europe, Africa and South America; - provided live-stream, video and photographic support at international conferences - designed and overseen construction of the NDC Partnership’s pavilion at the annual sector conference, COP. NDC Partnership is now well established and growing fast.  With Mettle’s support, it is also increasingly called to help members with their climate and development communications. Today we are making more film content, organising photo-shoots in Armenia, Namibia and Burkina Faso, supporting a conference in Berlin and designing their pavilion for this year’s COP event in Chile.


Mettle is one of the leading communications agencies for space in Europe. Our founders have worked for Airbus, Avanti, Surrey Satellites and other major players in the UK space industry, as well as the European Space Agency (ESA) and Rutherford Appleton Labs (RAL).  We also worked with government on the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy before going on to launch the UK Space Agency (UKSA). We continue to work with government and UKSA today, as well as the trades body UK Space, writing reports and advising on messaging and supporting communications around a Sector Deal. Mettle also supports the Satellite Applications Catapult, a public-private organisation tasked with opening up access to space and promoting space services.  For the past five years we created most of its film content and media coverage and promoted joint ventures. Our two latest films are ready to roll and we’re working up our next story for media.

Technology and innovation

Our heartland is in supporting science and engineering-lead organisations pushing the envelope. It might be a legacy of a decade spent working with the Science Museum and Institute of Physics but we are adept at helping innovators ‘speak human’ and reach the audiences that matter to them – even those they are not used to addressing. McLaren Automotive recently completed its 20,000thcar.  We helped launch the business, before going on to raise the profile of its sister Applied Technologies division. Mettle put additive manufacturing on the cover of The Economist for Airbus and is now using media coverage to generate new business leads for the UK’s National Composites Centre. We have written multiple reports for the UK’s aerospace sector, while the government’s R&D agency, Innovate UK, called on Mettle to write a report and make a film about the Catapult centres it part funds. Our team helped define the brand and identity for DG Cities, an urban innovation company, and generated major coverage for its work in autonomous and connected vehicles.   We are working with them now on a raft of stories showing how technology can improve everyday life in the city. Most recently we launched the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics, staging a major media event at London’s Royal Institution and sending ITN’s science editor to Chernobyl to see drones being used to map radiation in fine detail.  We are now planning the launch of the Extreme Robotics Lab.